IGL SmartCard- Fleet NFC Card

What is “IGL SMART CARD FLEET” Program?

IGL Smart Card -Fleet Program is a complete Fleet Management Solution. IGL Smart Card is the ideal choice for large and small fleet operators, who need complete control over their fleet. IGL Smart Card is a NFC based prepaid fleet card program.

Who can enroll ?

The membership of IGL Smart Card Fleet program is extended to fleet owners, Cluster operators, fleet operators, Government, institutions, corporates as well as individuals. Anyone who owns commercial vehicles like trucks, buses, Goods Vehicles, LCVs, cars, taxis, jeeps, vans, etc. can enroll for the this fleet programme.

How to enroll ?

Following is the process to become an IGL SMART CARD FLEET member -Registeration from Prelogin site: 1. Fleet customer will login to www.iglsmartcard.com and enter the Fleet card registration section. 2. Once details are filled, registration number will be generated and sent to registered Mobile of Fleet Operator. 3. Visit IGL Corporate Office and provide registration number along with copies of supporting documents (Registration Certificates & Signed and Stamp Form) 4. IGL will verify the details mentioned on portal with supporting documents and assign card numbers against the fleet owner’s vehicles. 5. A Demand Draft needs to be deposit Favoring “Indraprastha Gas Limited” for issuance of fleet card. The cost of one card is Rs 118 (including GST). 6. Email/SMS will go for all portal registrations. 7. Once registered, Customer can login to portal and change PIN for all new cards 8. Customer can also add new card request on portal (Card number) will not be enabled. 9. Once customer will visit IGL HO for Add-on cards, then IGL team can map the card numbers to new card request on payment of Card Fees.

Do I have to own all the vehicles in my fleet?

No, you need to only control all the vehicles in your fleet. Ownership is not necessary. For example - if you have 10 vehicles in your fleet wherein seven are owned by you and three are hired and controlled by you, then you are eligible for the membership.

What happens when one of the vehicles I enroll is no longer controlled by me?

You can simply hotlist the fleet card assigned to that vehicle on portal.

Will I get a refund if I discontinue a vehicle or my membership?

No, the card cost is non -refundable if you discontinue membership, however, the loaded amount will be transferred back to your pool account.

Can I add vehicles mid-way?

Yes, you can add vehicles by logging into your account. The card number will only be enabled once customer will visit IGL HO for Add-on cards, then IGL team will map the card numbers to new card request against payment of Card Fees.

What are the minimum number of vehicles I must own to be eligible for IGL Smart Fleet Card?

You must control a minimum of 2 vehicles to enroll for IGL Smart Card Fleet programme. For any number less than 2, you can enroll into the IGL Smart Card Retail programme.

Can an individual become an IGL Smart Card Fleet member?

Only business entities and fleet owners can become a member of IGL Smart Card Fleet programme. An individual with one vehicle can enroll for membership into the IGL Smart Card Retail Programme.

For how long is my membership valid?

This is a lifetime membership. Enjoy!

How can I discontinue my IGL Smart Card Fleet membership?

To discontinue your IGL Smart Card Fleet membership, please login to your account and raise a discontinuation request. Afterwards, Helpdesk will confirm reasons for discontinuation and will forward request to IGL for Processing. Contact IGL representative for refund of your loading amount after 7 working Days.

What MIS reports will I get?

Fleet owners can login to the portal and see various reports for their transactions. A dashboard is also enabled to see graphical representations.

Will I get any Transaction Alerts?

Yes, an email will be sent to your registered email id for every transaction. For SMS based transactions alert a nominal monthly payment of Rs … will be deducted from your account. You need to register for SMS based transaction alerts on your login account.

IGL SmartCard- Retail NFC Card

What is a IGLSmartCard – Retail card?

IGL SmartCard- Retail is a NFC enabled smart card given to the member for each vehicle enrolled in the program. It carries an electronic purse which can be recharged and used for payments for purchase of CNG at the IGL CNG pumps.

How many cards will I get?

You will be given one smart card (called vehicle card) per vehicle enrolled . The Smart card comes with a PIN feature for secured transactions. The card can be used by your employee/driver for purchase of CNG and Balance Enquiry.

How to enroll ?

Following is the process to become an IGL SMART CARD RETAIL member -Registeration from Prelogin site: 1. Retail customer will login to www.iglsmartcard.com and enter the Retail card registration section. 2. Once details are filled, registration number will be generated and sent to registered Mobile of Retail customer. 3. The Card activation fee needs to be deposit at IGL outlet for issuance of retail card. The cost of one card is Rs 50 (including GST). 4. Once registered, Customer can login to portal and change PIN for all new cards 5. Customer can also add new card request on portal (Card number) will not be enabled.

What should I do if I lose the card?

In case you lose your card or you are not able to locate the card, immediately call the helpline number ….to hotlist the card. The call centre will arrange for permanent/temporary hotlisting of card immediately. You can also get the card blocked on website through your login.

What is hotlisting of a card?

Hot listing the card means blocking the card for any future transactions. Once a card is hotlisted no transactions can be done using that card. Hotlisting is of two types:
  • Temporary hotlisting: Card is hotlisted but can be reactivated later. This option can be used if you wish to bar your card from carrying out transactions for a limited period or if the card is misplaced and there is a possibility of finding it out. This card can be reactivated through portal or Helpdesk.
  • Permanent hotlisting: Card is permanently hotlisted and cannot be reactivated. If you wish to use the card again then you'll have to apply for a new card. This option should be used in case the card is stolen or lost.

Under what circumstances can a card be hotlisted?

The card can be hotlisted if:
  • The card has been lost, stolen, robbed or misplaced.
  • The card membership has been cancelled for some reason.

How do I recharge my Retail account / Smart Card?

All Digital payments method supported to recharge the Retail account/ Smart Card: NEFT/RTGS (through online banking IMPS facility (Merchant Payment) Net Banking Credit/Debit Card Wallets UPI Bharat QR

Is there any Loading limit on a card?

Yes, you cannot load more than Rs 5000 on your card as any given point of time.

What are the security features in my IGL Smart Card - Retail card?

Each IGL Smart Card comes with a PIN, Only on entering of the correct PIN the user card can be operated. If anyone enters the wrong PIN 3 times in succession, the card gets blocked. The card can be unblocked either by logging a request on the helpline number or you can also unblock your user card by logging into your web account.

What is a PIN?

PIN is a Personal Identification Number used for authentication of the user card holder. PIN is keyed in at the time of transactions for security. PIN of your control card is sent to you separately in a secure PIN mailer.

I think that an unauthorized person has found my PIN. What should I do in this case?

You should change your card PIN immediately through Web Login or Call Helpdesk to reset your PIN.

EDC Terminal Transactions

What is an EDC terminal?

The EDC terminal is a card reading machine and a Point of Sale machine provided at IGL CNG pumps. The EDC terminal is used to carry out various transactions using the cards.

What transactions can be done on the EDC terminal at a retail outlet?

Following transactions can be done at a retail outlet: Purchase of CNG Voiding an incorrect transaction Loading of Card

I purchased fuel for Rs. 500/- but by mistake the delivery boy made a swipe of Rs. 5000/-. What should I do?

The transaction can be voided at the EDC terminal after which the money will be credited back to your card. After voiding the erroneous transaction, a new transaction can be carried out.

Web Transaction

Why do I need a web account?

All the details of transactions carried out by your IGL Smart Card- Retail cards are captured by system and updated on the portal. You can access these details any time of the day from the confines of your office or on the move using your web login. This helps you monitor and control the movements and transactions by each of your vehicles 24x7 from wherever you are.

How do I login into my web account?

Please use your web access login and password to login into your web account.

What information can I get from my web account?

Your web account carries details of all reload, purchase and all other transactions carried out by all your cards. It also has details of the CCMS Recharges, individual user card balances, user card spend limits, CCMS balance and other ready to use reports and statements.

How do I view the limit set on individual cards?

Go to the my account link and select the individual card to view the limit.

What is customer profile?

All the details like customer name, contact details, type of vehicles owned/attached, etc. provided by you in the application are entered into our back end and constitute the customer profile.

My address/contact details have changed. What should I do?

You can place request on Help desk or Login to Portal for changing the details in your customer profile.